Amethyst Crystal Geode Pair from Brazil

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This listing is for the Amethyst Pair that is pictured.
THE PRICE IS FOR THE PAIR (Both of them)! Many people may be familiar with amethyst, maybe even amethyst Cathedrals or amethyst geodes like one of these... However complete pairs such as these (especially such a great quality) are becoming extremely rare to find. You can get both today for the GUARANTEED LOWEST PRICE.

Most stores would sell you one of the two for the cost im asking for the two. I have just received a huge shipment from Uruguay & Brazil and will be listing New items regularly. Please however message me if you are looking for something and I will happily send you pictures via email or text. Thank you.

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Metaphysical Properties:
- Amethyst is known to be good for battling addictions
- Good crystal to aide in connecting to the Divine
- Crown Chakra Stone
- Opens psychic abilities 
- Amethyst Cathedrals are suppose to bring good Fung Shui (Positive Energy) to the home in which it is placed inside (preferably by the front door)