Agate Crystal Geode Natural Color- 3 inch tall from Brazil

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This is an Agate Geode from Brazil.

The colors are all natural (be careful when buying these there are alot of dyed ones). There are some beautiful Agate druzi crystals in the center of it as well.

You will receive one just like the one that is pictured. Same color and the same size or bigger. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED

If you would like more of these, please let me know I have quote a few. 

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Metaphysical Properties:

-Agate is known for bringing wisdom to oneself.
-Also said to aid in opening psychic abilities.
-Agate is an excellent stone for balancing and grounding your body, mind and spirit. 
-known to cleanse and stabilize the aura, eliminating and transforming negative thoughts.
-Agate enhances mental productivity, improving concentration, the way you perceive things and mathematical abilities.